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Embedded Systems

We offer a certificate in embedded system design and programming. Graduate-level versions of the courses may also be taken through CAETE at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The Demand for Embedded Systems

Tremendous growth in embedded computing has given rise to demand for engineers with experience in designing and implementing embedded systems.

Embedded systems are involved in many facets of modern life:

Embedded Systems Certificate

The certificate program in embedded systems is designed to enhance your professional knowledge and skills in this high demand field. If you want to: this program is for you. The certificate consists of 3 courses:

Each course is worth three credit hours.

To earn the certificate, all courses must be taken for a letter grade and the minimum grade for each must be a B-.

For information on how this certificate fits into a graduate degree in electrical and computer engineering, contact our Graduate Advisor, Adam Sadoff.

To register for a graduate-level course through the Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering Department, contact Adam Sadoff, (303) 735-0490. Undergraduates should contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Valerie Matthews, in (303) 492-7671.

To register for a course through CAETE, check the CAETE webpage for schedule and application information.

Applying for the Certificate upon Completion of Courses

Once all three courses have been completed successfully, please fill out the application form and return it by fax, email, or in person to Adam Sadoff. Certificates may take several weeks to issue. Application deadlines are as follows:
Fall:      December 31st
Spring:      May 15th
Summer:      August 15th

The certificate will be sent to the address on the application form.

If you have taken one or more certificate courses and are interested in pursuing a graduate degree, find application information on the graduate study page.