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ECEN 1100 - Freshman Seminar

Catalog Data ECEN 1100 (1). Freshman Seminar. Introduces students to areas of emphasis with the ECEE department through seminars presented by faculty and outside speakers. Emphasizes career opportunities, professional ethics and practices, history of the profession, and resources for academic success. Several sessions promote team building and problem solving, and provide opportunities for freshmen to meet their classmates.
Credits and Design 1 credit hour. Selected elective course.
Prerequisite(s) None.
Corequisite(s) None.
Instructor(s) Thompson Brown.
Textbook None.
Course Objectives For students to:
  1. Have a sense of the broad array of areas and opportunities that exist for careers in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  2. Know how to find and use resources to guide the individual selection of courses and specialties and to ensure academic success.
  3. Understand engineering in the wider context of global, societal, and environmental impact and the resulting implications on professional ethics and the need for life-long learning.
Learning Outcomes After taking this course students will be able to recognize and use the following concepts, ideas, and/or tools:
  1. Careers and specializations in industry, including areas and products of current and future interest.
  2. Careers and specializations at universities, including current and future research areas of the ECEE faculty.
  3. Professional ethics and practices, including considerations of the impact of engineering solutions on economy, environment, society, sustainability, and health and safety.
  4. Life-long learning, necessitated by the rapid progress of research and technology in the engineering profession.
Student Outcomes
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Design Teams Engr
Oral Written Engr Solns
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Topics Covered
  1. A variety of speakers from industry, government agencies, and the university is used to cover a wide range of topics related to electrical and computer engineering.

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