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ECEN 1400 - Introduction to Digital and Analog Electronics

Catalog Data ECEN 1400 (3). Introduction to Digital and Analog Electronics. Introduces fundamental concepts in electrical and computer engineering such as Ohm's Law, capacitors, LEDs and 7-segment displays, transformers and rectifiers, digital logic, Fourier decomposition, frequency analysis. Lab work exposes students to commonly used instrumentation. Includes a final project. Skills in wiring, soldering and wire-wrapping are developed.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours: 2 hours of lecture, 2 hours of hardware lab per week. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) None.
Corequisite(s) APPM 1350, Calculus 1 for Engineers
Textbook Course notes and lab descriptions provided by instructor.
Course Objectives The goal of this introductory class is to expose students to fundamental concepts in digital and analog electronics. This introduction will be geared to help students develop an intuitive feel for fundamentals that will be presented more formally in later ECEE courses. By focusing on a main final project, several aspects of system design common to many electrical and computer engineering projects will be covered.
Topics Covered
  1. Introductory Topics
    1. Voltage
    2. Resistance
    3. Current
    4. Capacitance
  2. Useful Components
    1. LEDs/transistors Switches/Data Entry Digital Logic Clock circuits
  3. Frequency vs. Time Domain
  4. Laboratory Skills
    1. Using a mulitmeter
    2. Using an oscilloscope
    3. Breadboarding
    4. Wire-wrapping/Soldering
    5. Debugging

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