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ECEN 3030 - Electrical/Electronics Circuits for Non-Majors

Catalog Data ECEN 3030 (3). Electrical/Electronics Circuits for Non-Majors. For students not majoring in electrical engineering. Covers analysis of electric circuits by use of Ohm's law; network reduction; super position; node and loop analysis; Thevenin's and Norton's theorems; sinusoidal signals; phasors; power in ac circuits; transientresponse of simple circuits; operational amplifiers; logic circuits; and flip-flops. Restricted to nonmajors.
(Same as GEEN 3854.)
Credits and Design 3 credit hours.
Prerequisite(s) APPM 2360, Linear Algegra and Differential Equations
Textbook Essentials of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Kerns, Irwin, Pearson - Prentice Hall.
Course Objectives
Topics Covered
  1. Concepts of charge, forces between charges, electrical power and energy, conductors and insulators.
  2. Circuit analysis using Kirchhoff's laws, node /loop analysis, superposition, Thevenin/Norton Theorems.
  3. 1st and 2nd order transient analysis of dynamic circuits using resistors, capacitors and inductors.
  4. Complex numbers.
  5. AC steady state analysis using phasors.
  6. Steady State Power Analysis, complex power, average power, apparent power, power factor correction.
  7. Magnetic Coupled circuits, mutual inductance, transformers.
  8. Electrical network frequency characteristics, filters, resonant circuits.
  9. Ideal Op-Amps, analog computation.
  10. Terminal characteristics of diodes, rectification circuits.
  11. Electrical motors: DC, AC Poly-phase Induction and Synchronous machines.

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