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ECEN 4583 - Software Systems Development

Catalog Data ECEN 4583 (3). Software Systems Development. Lectures deal with techniques for product requirements definition, project planning, coding, verification, validation, performance evaluation, and maintenance of medium-scale systems. Primary emphasis is on practical application of these techniques to a specified software project. Students work in teams to produce appropriate documents for each phase and are responsible for project completion according to specification and schedule. Course project is written in C on a Unix look-alike system; prior knowledge of C or Unix is not required.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) CSCI 2270, Compupter Science 2: Data Structures
Textbook Stephen Schach, Classical and Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Irwin Publishers.
Course Objectives To provide a team-oriented, project development experience that teaches industrial standards in computer engineering software.
Topics Covered
  1. What is software engineering?
  2. Useful software management tools in the Unix environment -- rcs, cvs, make, build, etc.
  3. Requirements definition methods and notations.
  4. External and architectural design methods and notations; design for flexibility.
  5. Detailed design purpose and notations.
  6. Influence of programming language features on software engineering practice.
  7. Implementation (coding) methods.
  8. Verification and validation (test plans, system integration, formal verification).
  9. Maintenance, configuration management.
  10. System installation.

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