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ECEN 4623 - Real-Time Embedded Systems

Catalog Data ECEN 4623 (3). Real-Time Embedded Systems. Design and build a microprocessor-based embedded system application requiring integration of sensor/actuator devices, a real-time operating system and application firmware and software. Real-time rate monotonic theory and embedded architecture are covered.
(Meets with ECEN 5623.)
Credits and Design 3 credit hours: 2 hours of lecture, 2 hours of lab per week. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 2350, Digital Logic
ECEN 3350, Programming of Digital Systems
Recommended prerequisite(s) ECEN 4613, Embedded System Design
Textbook Real-Time Embedded Components and Systems, Sam Siewert, (ISBN 1584504684) and PCI System Architecture, Tom Shanley and Don Anderson, 4th Edition, 1999, (ISBN 0-201-30974-2) MindShare, Inc.
Course Objectives Students will be taught rate monotonic theory and how to apply it to real-time applications. They will learn practical details of designing and integrating a real-time operation system with a microprocessor to host real-time service data processing. Finally, in a course project they will design and build a microprocessor-based embedded system application requiring integration of sensor-actuator devices, A/D and D/A I/O interfaces, a microprocessor, commercial real-time operating system, and multi-tasking application software. System debug and test methods specific to real-time systems will be studied and used to complete projects. The course focus is on the process as well as fundamentals of integrating microprocessor-based embedded system elements to realize systems that not only meet functional requirements, but timing and performance requirements as well.
Topics Covered
  • Rate Monotonic Theory, specifically the RM least upper bound, necessary and sufficient feasibility tests, and application of rate monotonic theory
  • Real-time Operating Systems, scheduling, synchronization mechanisms, and resource management
  • Embedded system architectures: System-on-chip, scalable bus architectures, memory subsystems
  • Sensor and Actuator IO: ADC, DAC, servos, relays, stepper motors, H-bridge, and CODECs
  • Real-time embedded test equipment, software debug tools, and methods of performance profiling and tracing
  • Real-time applications including voice/packet-switched links and networks, streaming video media, computer vision, digital control, and robotic system command and control

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