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ECEN 4652 - Communication Laboratory

Catalog Data ECEN 4652 (2). Communication Laboratory. Laboratory experiments demonstrating materials taught in Communication Theory. Use is made of spectrum analysis to study base-band signals and signal processors. Topics include noise, AM, FM, PM, sampling, quantizing/encoding, TDM, FDM, equalizers, and a complete communication system.
Credits and Design 2 credit hours: 1 hours of lecture, 3 hours of laboratory per week. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 3300, Linear Systems
Corequisite(s): ECEN 4242, Communication Theory
Textbook Lab notes provided by instructor.
Course Objectives Generate and study the most important signals and waveforms that are used in communications. Become familiar with practical measurement techniques and equipment such as spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, waveform generators and noise sources.
Topics Covered
  1. Baseband signals, filters, spectrum analyzers.
  2. Sampling, encoding, eye patterns, TDM, PWM.
  3. Noise, SNR, noise figure, power spectra and cumulative distribution.
  4. Modulation: AM, wideband and narrowband FM. Coherent demodulation, envelope detection, FM discriminators, phase lock loops.
  5. Frequency division multiplexing, and FM stereo, TV signals.

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