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ECEN 4653 - Real-Time Digital Media

Catalog Data ECEN 4653 (3). Real-Time Digital Media. Learn how to design and build Linux-based real-time system applications for digital media encode/decode and transport. Course focus is on the process as well as fundamentals of designing, coding, and testing Linux-based real-time systems often used in industry for digital media systems. Students use POSIX kernal-mapped threads and drivers to implement real-time digital media solutions. Restricted to engineering students.
(Meets with ECEN 5653.)
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 1030, C Programming for ECE, or CSCI 1300, Computer Science 1: Programming
CSCI 3753, Operating Systems, or equivalent
Textbook Siewert, S., Real-Time Embedded Components and Systems, Charles River Media, Thomson Learning Inc.

Smith, S.W., The Scientist's and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing, California Technical Publishing, 1997.

Course Objectives
Topics Covered
  1. Linux Hardware/Software Systems
  2. Fundamentals of Real-Time Theory for Robotics and Digital
  3. Services and High-Level Design
  4. Digital Video - Introduction to Encoding/Decoding and Processing
  5. Digital Video - MPEG2 Transport
  6. Real-Time Implementation Challenges - Static vs Dynamic Approaches and Pitfalls
  7. Digital Content Revolution
  8. Linux Device Driver Programming and Media Filesystems
  9. Linux Real-Time Performance, Measuring Performance and HW/SW Debugging Techniques
  10. The future of Digital Media Systems

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