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ECEN 5114 - Waveguides and Transmission Lines

Catalog Data ECEN 5114 (3). Waveguides and Transmission Lines. An intermediate-level fields course dealingwith guided-wave systems at HF, microwave and optical frequencies.Modern waveguiding structures, including circular metallic waveguides,microstrip transmission lines, and optical waveguides aretreated. Additional material may include: waveguide losses,excitation of waveguides, microwave network theory, coupled-modetheory, resonators, pulse propagaton in waveguides.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 3410, Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission
Textbook Class notes.
Course Objectives This is an intermediate-level (senior/first-year graduate student) electromagnetic fields course dealing with the concepts of guided-wave system sat HF, microwave and optical frequencies. A fundamental understanding isaimed for rather than a "cookbook" approach to the subject.
Topics Covered
  1. Review of guided waves.
  2. Hollow metallic waveguides.
  3. Planar transmission lines.
  4. Optical waveguides.
  5. Transverse resonance methods.
  6. Wall losses and orthogonality.
  7. Excitation of waveguides.
  8. Waveguide network theory.
  9. Resonators.

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