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ECEN 5154 - Computational Electromagnetics

Catalog Data ECEN 5154 (3). Computational Electromagnetics. Provides a computational study of microwave circuits and antennas, using finite-difference, finite-element, and moment methods. Requires students to develop algorithms, write and execute programs, and prepare reports analyzing results. Circuits include waveguides, microstrip lines, and center-fed dipole antennas.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 3410, Waveguides and Transmission Lines
Textbook Class notes.
Course Objectives
Topics Covered
  1. Basic techniques involving accuracy. Numerical integrationwith Richardson extrapolation.
  2. Finite-difference applications. Finite-difference determination of capacitance. Finite-difference determination of waveguide modes.
  3. Finite-element applications. Variational solutions for electromagnetic energy. Nodal-based finite-element solution. Edge-based finite elements and the zero-divergence problem.
  4. Moment-method applications. Moment-method solutions for capacitance. Quasi-static microstrip mode. Electromagnetic scattering for thin cylinders and plates. Current distribution for center-feddipole antennas. Spectral analysis applied to waveguide discontinuities. Green's functions for shielded and unshielded microwave circuits.
  5. Other techniques. Mode-matching techniques applied to waveguide discontinuities. Method of lines.

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