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ECEN 5156 - Physical Optics

Catalog Data ECEN 5156 (3). Physical Optics. Covers the application of Maxwell's equations to optical wave propagation in free space and in media.Topics include polarization, dispersion, geometrical optics, interference, partial coherence, and diffraction.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 3410, Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission
Textbook Born and Wolf, Principles of Optics, Cambridge Press, 7th Ed.
Course Objectives To learn the fundamentals of optics that are necessary to understand the present day opto-electronic systems.
Topics Covered
  1. Basic electromagnetic field properties.
  2. Elementary dispersion theory.
  3. Propagation in anisotropic media.
  4. Geometrical optics.
  5. Interference and partial coherence.
  6. Scalar diffraction theory.

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