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ECEN 5254 - Remote Sensing Signals and Systems

Catalog Data ECEN 5254 (3). Remote Sensing Signals and Systems. Examines passive and active techniques for remote sensing with emphasis on fundemantal noise and detection issues from radio to optical frequencies. Emphasis is placed on electromagnetic wave detection, statistical signal and noise analysis, remote sensing system architecture, and hardware for remote sensing systems. Systems studied include radiometers, radars (real and synthetic aperture), interferometers, and lidars. Applications to detection and surveillance, Earth remote sensing, astronomy, and imaging systems are covered.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 3300, Linear Systems
ECEN 3400, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, and Fourier Analysis
Textbook Notes and journal articles.
Course Objectives To provide the student with detailed knowledge about radar systems and their applications to remote sensing. After completing the class, students should be able to generate a paper design of an appropriate radar system for a given remote sensing application.
Topics Covered
  1. Wave propagation/scattering in different media: wave parameters, dispersion, reflection, refraction, attenuation, poynting vector.
  2. Radar system components:
    • Transmitter/signal characteristics: pulsed, FM-CW, chirp, etc.
    • Antenna: patterns, gain, impedance, phased arrays.
    • Channel: role in system.
    • Receiver: noise (system, antenna), baseband conversion, direct sampling, filtering, etc.
    • Detection: linear, Doppler, etc.
  3. Radar equation: hard target, soft target, rough surface, etc.
  4. Signal processing: pulse-width, IPP, Nyquist, aliasing, range, Doppler, power, spectrum (peak, shift, width).
  5. Applications:
    • Scattering: hard targets, Rayleigh, Mie, Bragg, rough surfaces.
    • Hard targets: police radar, ground-penetrating radar
    • Rayleigh: weather/precipitation radar
    • Mie, thermal: lidar, incoherent scatter radar
    • Bragg: wind profilers
    • Rough surfaces: synthetic aperture

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