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ECEN 5355 - Principles of Electronic Devices

Catalog Data ECEN 5355 (3). Principles of Electronic Devices. A course relating performance and limitations of solid state devices to their structures and technology. For both advanced circuit and device engineers. Semiconductor physics and technology, pn-junction and MOS devices used in modern integrated circuits.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 3320, Semiconductor Devices
Textbook Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits, 2nd ed.,Muller and Kamins, John Wiley.
Course Objectives Modern integrated circuits, circuit and device design are intimately inter-related. Both circuit and device engineers need a thorough understanding of how circuit and device performance are related to device structure and technology.
Topics Covered
  1. Introduction to semiconductor concepts.
  2. pn-junctions.
  3. Metal-semiconductor junctions.
  4. Junction diode characteristics.
  5. Schottky barrier diodes.
  6. Bipolar transistor theory.
  7. Breakdown in semiconductor devices.
  8. Circuit models of bipolar transistors.
  9. Switching characteristics of diodes and transistors.
  10. MOS structures.
  11. Field effect transistors.

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