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ECEN 5365 - Semiconductor Materials & Devices 1

Catalog Data ECEN 5365 (3). Semiconductor Materials & Devices 1. Includes an introduction to time-independent quantum mechanics and perturbation theory, tunneling, application to quantum-well electronic and optical devices, electrons in a crystalline solid, Bloch's theorem, energy bands and energy gaps, the effective mass approximation, a survey of energy bands forreal crystals: Si, Ge, Gaas, Inp, Algaas, etc., band structure engineering, and the electrical and optical properties of compound semiconductors. Prereq., ECEN 3120, and ECEN 4345 or 5345.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 3320, Semiconductor Devices
ECEN 4345 or ECEN 5345, Introduction to Solid State
Textbook Electronic Properties of Crystalline Solids, Richard H.Bube.

Reference: Wave Mechanics, Raimes.

Course Objectives Explain from first principles the static properties of semiconductor materials.
Topics Covered
  1. Introduction to wave mechanics. The Schrodinger equation for a potential well, a potential barrier and a harmonic oscillator. Applications to quantum-well electronic and optical devices.
  2. Basic principles of quantum mechanics. Representation of dynamical variables by operator. Properties of operators. Ehrenfest's theorem. Uncertainty relations.
  3. The hydrogen atom. Radial and angular wave functions. Energy eigenvalues.
  4. Time-independent first-order perturbation theory. Degenerate and non-degenerate states. Second order perturbation theory.
  5. The many-electron problem and the one-electron approximation. Spin. Electron configuration of the atom.
  6. The diamond structure and tetrahedral bonding. Crystal and reciprocal lattices. Electrons in crystals. Density of states. The Bloch theorem. Brillouin zones. Nearly free electrons, energy bands and gaps. Introduction to three-dimensional energy surfaces, direct and indirect bandgap semiconductors and their principal electronic and optical properties.

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