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ECEN 5418 - Automatic Control Systems 1

Catalog Data ECEN 5418 (3). Automatic Control Systems 1. Covers principles of control systems and Multiple Inputs and Multiple Outputs (MIMO). Topics include MIMO state-space theory, applications of the singular value decomposition (SVD), coprime factorization methods, frequency domain topics, and an introduction to H-infinity design.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 4138, Control Systems Analysis
ECEN 5448, Advanced Linear Systems
Textbook Feedback Control Theory; Doyle, Francis and Tenenbaum, MacMillan, 1992.
Course Objectives Development of freqency domain techniques for the analysis andsynthesis of control systems with multiple inputs and outputs.
Topics Covered
  1. Review of SISO feedback design.
  2. Poles and zeros of a transfer-function matrix.
  3. Smith-McMillan form.
  4. Matrix fraction descriptions: polynomial and rational factorizations.
  5. Internal stability; multivariable Nyquist criteria.
  6. Operator norms; singular value decomposition.
  7. Structured and unstructured uncertainty; the structured singular value.
  8. Stability and performance robustness.
  9. Parameterization of stabilizing controllers: the Youla (or Q) parametrization.
  10. H[[infinity]] optimal control.
  11. Hankel approximation.

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