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ECEN 5606 - Optics Laboratory

Catalog Data ECEN 5606 (3). Optics Laboratory Provides advanced training in experimental optics. Consists of optics experiments that introduce the techniques and devices essential to modern optics, including characterization of sources, photodetectors, modulators, use of interferometers, spectrometers,and holograms, and experimentation of fiber optics and Fourier optics.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) PHYS 4510
Textbook Literature and course notes.
Course Objectives Intimate familiarity with techniques of optical experimentation.
Topics Covered
  1. Source detectors, fibers, crystals, holograms, interferometers, spectrometers, acousto-optics, spatial light modulators, nondestructive testing, Fourier optics, photo refractive crystals.

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