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ECEN 5632 - Theory and Applications of Digital Filtering

Catalog Data ECEN 5632 (3). Theory and Applications of Digital Filtering. Digital signal processing and its applications are of interest to a wide variety of scientists and engineers. The course covers such topics as characterization of linear discrete-time circuits by unit pulse response, transfer functions, and difference equations, use of z-transforms and Fourier analysis, discrete Fourier transform and fast algorithms (FFT), design of finite and infinite impulse response filters, frequency transformations, study of optimized filters for deterministic signals.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Textbook A Course in Digital Signal Processing, Boaz Porat, Wiley.
Course Objectives To understand the mathematical foundations of digital signal processing theory and to be able to apply it to the analysis, design, and implementation of digital filters.
Topics Covered
  1. Digital signal processing.
  2. Discrete-time signals and systems.
  3. The z-transform.
  4. Fourier analysis of discrete-time signals and systems.
  5. Fast algorithms for the discrete Fourier transform.
  6. The approximation problem for digital filters.
  7. Filter design techniques.
  8. Decimation/interpolation.

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