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ECEN 5696 - Fourier Optics

Catalog Data ECEN 5696 (3). Fourier Optics. This course covers topics in Fourier transform properties of lenses, systems perspective of imaging and scalar diffraction theory, two-dimensional convolution and correlation functions, matched and spatial filtering, holography, and introduction to optical information processing.
Credits and Design 3 credit hours. Elective course.
Prerequisite(s) ECEN 3410, Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission
ECEN 3300, Linear Systems
Textbook Optical Information Processing and Holography, W.T.Cathey, Wiley & Sons.McGraw-Hill.
Course Objectives To give seniors and first year graduate students in electrical engineering a systems perspective of the propagation and diffraction of light, matched and spatial filtering, and holography.
Topics Covered
  1. Derivation of scalar diffraction theory.
  2. The lens as a Fourier transform and imaging element.
  3. Matched and spatial filtering.
  4. Coherent and incoherent imaging systems.
  5. Optical processing, convolution and correlations.
  6. Holography.

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