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Deviations from the general rules and procedures listed in this booklet or in the University of Colorado Catalog may be made only through the use of a properly executed petition. Petition forms are available in the Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering Graduate Office. They must be filled out by the student, endorsed by his or her academic advisor, and submitted to the department Graduate Office for final approval by the Director of Graduate Studies.

Department Committees

  1. Graduate Admissions Committee. This committee is responsible for all of the activities associated with the recommendation of students for admission to the departmental graduate program. Included in these activities are the review of transcripts, status determination, recommendations for appointments and financial assistance, and admissions policy determinations.

  2. Graduate Examinations Committee. This committee is responsible for the determination of examination policy with respect to the master's final and the Ph.D. preliminary examinations. It administers the latter examination and is responsible for the interpretation of the results and the establishment of passing criteria for recommendation to the graduate faculty.

  3. Graduate Program Committee. This committee is responsible for following the academic performance of graduate students throughout their programs and for dropping from the program those students who do not meet a minimum academic performance as established by the committee and approved by the faculty. It continually reviews the regulations governing graduate work in the department and recommends changes as the need arises. It also accepts and rules upon all petitions from graduate students pertinent to graduate policy.

Non-degree Students

The non-degree or special student category (ACCESS - Available Credit Classes for Eligible Special Students) is open to all persons who wish to take courses at the University of Colorado for information only. Consent of the instructor is required for such registration, and credit received may not be applied toward any graduate degree except through subsequent "Transfer of Credit." The special student is a student-at-large and is not attached to a particular department nor is he or she enrolled in the Graduate School. The student need not submit a formal application, but rather a letter of intent should be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records.

Further information about the ACCESS Program may be obtained by writing or calling the Department of Continuing Education, Campus Box 178, (303) 492-5148.

Further Information

See the University of Colorado Catalog or contact the Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering Graduate Program Advisor, Adam Sadoff, ECEE 1B63, (303) 735-0490,