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Teaching Assistantship Application and
Information Form

Before filling out the application form below, be sure to read the letter from the Associate Chair addressed to all potential TA applicants.

A. Personal Data

First name: Last name:
E-mail address: Student number:
Daytime phone: Evening phone:
Local address:

B. Academic Information

Area of specialization:
Current degree program at CU:
Undergraduate GPA:
CU graduate GPA:
CU graduate courses taken:
Native language:

C. Employment Information

Previous assistantship, if any, with dates: Example: ECEN 2150, fall 94
Previous teaching experience:
Other current employment:

I am qualified to TA: Circuits/Electronics 1 Capstone Design Lab
Circuits/Electronics 2 Power Lab
Circuits/Electronics 3 Optics Lab
Computers as Components DSP Lab
Digital Logic Transmission Lab
Linear Systems Communications Lab
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Controls Lab

D. Schedule

I plan to take the following courses:
Example: ECEN 5000, 9:00-9:50 MWF

Click here to submit this form or here to clear your answers and start over.