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Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering Department
2016 Senior Design Expo

Join us for this year's Expo on Thursday, April 28, 2016, from 8:00am - 1:00pm.
For directions to the Engineering Center, see Information for Visitors.

The 2016 Senior Design EXPO will be hosted in the Idea Forge, located in the East side of Fleming. The Fleming building is a 7-minute walk South from the Engineering Center, and is located in the southwest corner of the Kittredge Complex. Metered parking in Lot 440 is recommended.

Each Spring, an expo is held to demonstrate projects that student teams have designed and built in the Senior Capstone Design Lab courses (ECEN 4610/4620) as well as other senior lab courses such as Photovoltaic Power Electronics Lab (ECEN 4517), and the Freshman Projects Course (ECEN 1400).

The expo is widely attended by faculty, students, parents, and many local company representatives, as well as the ECEE Department Industrial Advisory Board members. Student teams demonstrate their projects and discuss the design work that went into the finished product.

Another One Bytes the Dust

The Smart Hospital project is aimed to help people with low mobility utilize their hospital bed, television, and room lights via voice recognition.

Electric Sandwich Squad

For budding engineers, EDUbot is a robotics platform that helps students easily enter the world of hardware and software engineering through ready-made and customizable modules.

Faradazed and Confused

Our goal is to create a wearable, noninvasive, nonintrusive device that measures the internal body temperature of a person by measuring their black body radiation.

Flying Wizards

The NeighborGrid is an electricity distribution solution for people who live in communities that lack an electrical grid.


This product is a simple to install, low cost, solar powered system that provides electricity to those without access to a power grid.


The Magnetic Field Stabilization System for Cell Cultures produces a controllable magnetic field allowing researchers to better understand how magnetic fields effect cancer cells.

Ohm Wreckers

MAVIS (Model of Autonomous Vehicle Intersection System) is a platform to test the benefits of providing the future state of traffic lights to nearby autonomous vehicles.

Orbital Space Magnetics

Team OSM is designing a Helmholtz chamber which will be used by CET and CSGC for prior to launch testing of attitude control systems for PolarCube.

Phase Factor

RAPA is an electronically steered antenna that can manage multiple connections to unmanned aircraft systems at long ranges. This has military, agricultural, and research applications.

Sensors for Intelligent Networks

Sensors for Intelligent Networks is a sensing and data aggregation platform to deliver indoor air quality data on high occupancy buildings for researchers and building managers.


The SkyenLab module seeks to create a low-power solution to a mesh network by optimizing the Bluetooh Low Energy (BLE) protocol as implemented on Nordic Semiconductor technology.

The Resistance

The Resistance is developing CloudSonde, which adapts automotive collision radar to add weather functionality to existing weather sensors to improve forecasting.

Thunder Guns

XBOX Kinect skeletal tracking and customized electromyography (EMG) devices offer valuable insights into human physiology. Understand the activation pattern behind a black belt karate punch!


Guide Dog Robot (GDR) is a semi-autonomous guide vehicle designed specifically for the visually impaired.


Team WriteAble is creating technology to help children with autism and other developmental disabilities develop written communication skills.

Students in the Senior Capstone Design Lab courses form teams of four to six members and follow an industrial-type process proposing, designing, building, and documenting their projects. They make formal presentations at a Preliminary Design Review in the first semester and a Critical Design Review in the second semester. They are required to meet several milestones similar to industry requirements throughout both semesters. Their grade in the final course is dependent on their projects functioning as promised during expo.

Projects from previous years.