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Signals and Systems Minor

A student graduating with a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder may also receive a Minor in Signals and Systems offered by the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. The Minor in Signals and Systems provides training in control systems, digital signal processing, or communications beyond the training usually received by science, mathematics and applied mathematics majors. It can also broaden the training of students majoring in other engineering fields to provide depth in signals and systems. The goal is to teach students the fundamentals of signals and systems and introduce them to laboratory applications. This minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours.

Preparation for the minor
Prerequisites for these courses are PHYS 1120, General Physics 2, and a solid mathematics background in Fourier series, Laplace transforms, transfer functions, and sinusoidal response. The Probability prerequisite may be met with ECEN 3810, APPM 3570, MATH 4510 or an equivalent transfer course.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
Required courses - 9 credits
ECEN 2250 Intro to Circuits & Electronics3
ECEN 2260 Circuits as Systems3
ECEN 3300 Linear Systems (prereq for all listed below)3
Choose the remaining 9 credits from any combination of the followiong theory and lab courses:
ECEN 3350 Programming Digital Systems (prereq is ECEN 1030 or CSCI 1300)3
ECEN 4138 Control Systems Analysis3
ECEN 4638 Control Laboratory (coerq ECEN 4138)2
ECEN 4242 Communication Theory (prereq ECEN 3300 + Probability)3
ECEN 4652 Communication Laboratory (prereq Probability + coreq ECEN 4242) 2
ECEN 4532 DSP Laboratory (prereq Probability + coreq ECEN 4632)3
ECEN 4632 Introduction to Digital Filtering Theory (prereq ECEN 3300 + Probability) 3
Students may petition to replace three of these credit hours with a 3-credit hour 5000-level ECEN course in Digital Signal Processing, Communications, or Controls.

Minimum Grades
Students admitted to the Electrical Engineering Minor must have a cumulative GPA of 2.700 or better. A cumulative GPA of 2.250 or better is required in courses used to satisfy the requirements of this minor. Each individual course that is counted toward this minor must be passed. A passing grade is a D- or better. Note, however, that a C- or better is required in all prerequisite courses.