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Study Abroad Exchange Programs

A very special opportunity is available to engineering students through the Office of International Education. Study Abroad Programs, usually undertaken in the student's junior year, have been established with several universities around the world offering technical as well as elective humanities courses. In recent years, ECEE students have gone to Germany, Italy, France, and England to study. Programs can be arranged for either one semester or one academic year.

A formal exchange program has been established with the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, England, and a number of students from CU-Boulder and from UEA have participated. Course equivalents have been established so that students know before they leave here what courses they will be taking and exactly how the credits will count. No CU student has lost a single credit hour by participating in this particular exchange program.

In most cases, students going abroad are "registered" on the Boulder campus so they maintain all the rights of a resident student including financial aid. The agreement with UEA is set up so that students pay tuition to their home universities; all CU-Boulder students pay the in-state rate. Therefore, even with travel costs included, it is only slightly more expensive for in-state students to spend a year in England than in Boulder and several thousand dollars less expensive for out-of-state students.

An international perspective will be increasingly important in the marketplace of the future. Students who are able to take advantage of such opportunities as study abroad will have a distinct head start in the business world as well as a unique resource to offer future employers. The personal advantages of spending a year in a different cultural setting are incalculable.

The Department strongly encourages all students to consider participating in the Study Abroad Program. All ECEE students interested in the Study Abroad Program should contact the ECEE Undergraduate Office prior to applying to the program. More information is available at the Study Abroad Office of International Education, Environmental Design Building, room 1B45, 492-7741.

Semester at Sea

The semester at sea is a study abroad program designed to incorporate a global semester into your undergraduate curriculum. Administered through the Office of International Education and managed by the University of Pittsburg's Institute for Shipboard Education, students explore and learn valuable insights into the various societies visited and allows students to analyze and discuss their observations in formal classes on the shipboard campus. Set sail aboard the SS Universe Explorer each semester and summers.

Contact the Office of International Education for more information at the location above or visit the web site.