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Choosing Theory and Laboratory Courses

The body of knowledge under Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering is far too broad to be obtained in only four years of college. Because of the continual appearance of new technologies, new tools, and new opportunities, this body of knowledge gets ever larger. This situation is not a matter of concern, but it is merely the inevitable consequence of healthy growth in the profession.

As a student of the profession, you need to have a combination of broad and narrow studies. All Electrical Engineers share a special vocabulary and a core knowledge of things electrical. But because the range of applications is so large, it is necessary for you to sample some areas of specialization. This section has been prepared to help you select upper division courses in areas of interest (tracks) in which you might eventually specialize. The areas chosen reflect the individual research interests and expertise of our faculty. Faculty members in each area have written the one page descriptions.

Each track lists prerequisite courses (normally from the ECEE core) and the courses that must be taken to complete the track. As part of the curriculum requirements, EE majors must complete at least two tracks, while ECE majors must complete at least one track.

Should you develop an appetite for further study or you would like to be involved in some independent work, you should consult one or more of the faculty listed. Finally, be sure to consult the current University Course Catalog or the Course Schedule (found on a link on the front page of this site) for course descriptions. Several of the areas have listed follow-on graduate courses for those interested in further study.

It is important to plan ahead when choosing junior- and senior-level theory and lab courses. In most cases, these courses are offered only once a year. This chart shows the sequence of prerequisites needed to be eligible to take these courses in the semester they are offered. See the Undergraduate Advisor, Beth Curtis, for more information.