Fundamentals of
Power Electronics

First and Second Editions

Accompanying material for instructors

The materials below are intended to be used by instructors of power electronics classes who have adopted Fundamentals of Power Electronics as a text. These instructors may download and use the files for educational purposes free of charge. Students and others who have purchased the text may also use the slides as an educational supplement to the text. Other uses of these materials is prohibited. All slides copyright R. W. Erickson 1997-2004.

The slides for each chapter are contained in a .pdf file. These files can be read using the Adobe Acrobat viewer, available free from the Adobe Acrobat web site. Slides and overhead transpariencies covering the material of the entire book can be produced using these files.



Part 1: Converters in Equilibrium

Part 2: Converter Dynamics and Control

Part 3: Magnetics

Part 4: Modern Rectifiers and Power System Harmonics

Part 5: Resonant Converters


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