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Courses in Power Electronics at the University of Colorado

Introduction to Power Electronics ECEN4797/5797

    Use of time-varying switched networks to condition and control electrical power. An introduction to converters, modeling, control, and magnetics design. Covers Chapters 1-9 and 13-15 of the text. A one-semester course with 10 to 12 in-depth homework assignments and midterm and final exams. The course is also offered to seniors as ECEN 4797, with simpler assignments. Normally offered each fall. Course web page

Modeling and Control of Power Electronics Systems ECEN5807

    Advanced modeling and control topics in power electronics, and power factor corrected supplies. Covers Chapters 10-12 and 16-18 of the text, as well as Appendices B and C and supplementary notes available on the web. Averaged switch modeling of converters, ac modeling of the discontinuous conduction mode, the current programmed mode, null double injection techniques in linear circuits, input filter design, harmonics in power systems, and low-harmonic rectifiers. A one-semester course with 10-12 in-depth homework assignments and midterm and final exams. Offered in alternate springs, including Spring 2001. Course web page

Resonant and Soft-Switching Techniques in Power Electronics ECEN5817

    Resonant and soft-switching techniques. Covers Chapters 19-20 of the text, as well as supplementary notes available on the web. Resonant converters and inverters, and soft switching. Approximate frequency-domain methods, and "exact" time-domain (state-plane) analysis methods. Up-to-date zero-voltage switching techniques for dc-dc converters. A one-semester course with approximately 11 in-depth homework assignments, and midterm and final exams. Offered in alternate springs, beginning Spring 2000. Course web page

Power Electronics Lab ECEN4517/5517

    Introduction to practical techniques of power electronics. Duty-cycle control of dc-dc converters, including basic controller circuits, gate drivers, power stage components, magnetics design, and small-signal frequency response. Current-mode control, snubber design, flyback transformer design. Principles of grounding and layout. Printed-circuit board design. The course culminates in a design project involving a stand-alone solar power system. Offered Spring semester. Course web page

Continuing Education in Power Electronics

Courses in Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design at the University of Colorado

Analog IC Design ECEN4827/5927

    Fundamentals of analog IC design, beginning with bipolar and CMOS device modeling, and continuing through IC building blocks, multi-stage amplifiers, current and voltage references, and power controller applications. Design-oriented analysis and simulation techniques. Offered Fall semester. Course web page

Mixed-Signal IC Design ECEN5837

    Advanced topics in analog design for custom mixed-signal ICs, including data converters, sampling effects, sampled-data analog techniques, and layout issues. Addresses system integration issues of digital (Verilog/VHDL) and analog circuitry. Includes Final Project on the development of a complete mixed-signal IC from concept to CAD layout. Opportunities for fabrication of designs in Summer and Fall for research or independant study. Course web page
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