Colorado Power Electronics Center, Boulder Colorado, USA

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Directions for graduate applicants

CoPEC is an industry-supported research center in the ECEE Department of the University of Colorado in Boulder. Our research and education programs combine power electronics, analog integrated-circuit design, and mixed-signal integrated-circuit design. Our research projects address applications ranging from ultra-low-power energy scavenging devices and biosensors, to power management solutions for battery-powered wireless communication and computing electronics, to high-efficiency switched-mode power supplies, and renewable-energy systems. CoPEC projects are funded by CoPEC industrial sponsors, including system, semiconductor, and power electronics companies, as well as various agencies. 

We are continuously looking for top M.S. and Ph.D. students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering with focus on power electronics for energy efficiency or renewable energy sources, or analog and mixed-signal IC design for power management applications. Top applicants are eligible for admission with financial aid, including teaching and research assistantships, or fellowships. In addition, CoPEC students have excellent internship and job opportunities. 

To apply, follow the ECEE Department directions, and indicate your interest in CoPEC in your Statement of Purpose.

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