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CoPEC education and research programs focus on a combination of power electronics, analog and mixed-signal IC design. CoPEC industrial sponsors include system, semiconductor and power supply companies interested in advancing the state-of-the-art in a wide range of power management applications.

Our capabilities include a modern laboratory for prototyping and experimentation with switched-mode power converters, FPGA and DSP development systems, as well as workstations running a complete set of front-to-back CAD tools for mixed-signal IC design. Our students gain experience through a rigorous set of power electronics, analog and mixed-signal IC design courses, as well as a hands-on power electronics and photovoltaic systems laboratory course and research projects.

CoPEC offers two sponsorship levels: Full and Associate. For all members, the sponsorship benefits include:

  • Access to CoPEC research results and education materials through a secure web site, contacts with CoPEC faculty and students, and a CoPEC annual meeting

  • Access to CoPEC students through CoPEC internship and placement programs

  • Continuing education, including short courses at reduced fees

  • Technology transfer and access to IP generated through CoPEC projects

In addition to these benefits, Full members participate in jointly defined and directed research projects.

If you are interested in joining CoPEC, please contact one of the CoPEC faculty.


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