Contents of parts kit

ECEN 4517/5517 Spring 2013

Parts list, with links to datasheets. This parts kit, as well as replacement parts, can be purchased in the E-Store, room ECEE 1B10

Part # Qty Description
Integrated circuits
UC3525A1PWM controller IC
TC4428A3Gate driver IC
FAN738322Half bridge driver IC
ALD27021Dual rail-to-rail op amp
PCB schematic
1Microcontroller IC and development board
INA1941High-side current sense amplifier
INA194 (in kit) gain = 50, INA195 (in E Store) gain = 100
Power Semiconductors
HUF753214Power MOSFET 55 V 35 A
STP70N102Power MOSFET 100 V 65 A
FQPF5N404Power MOSFET 400 V 3 A
FQP11N40C2Power MOSFET 400 V 10 A
MBR16452Schottky diode 45 V, 16 A
HER1022Ultrafast diode 100 V 1 A
FES16BT2Ultrafast diode 100 V 16 A
UF40048Ultrafast diode 400 V 1 A
MUR4402Ultrafast diode 400 V 4 A
Small discretes
1N41485Signal diode, 100 V 0.3 A 4 ns
1N5242B212 V zener diode
1N746A23.3 V zener diode
1N748A13.9 V zener diode
10k trimmer potentionmeter210 turn
OAR5R030JLF130 mOhm 5 W current sense resistor
PQ 32/20
TSC P7070 material data
2Ferrite PQ core 32 mm x 20 mm, with bobbin and clip
PQ 26/25
TSC P7070 material data
3Ferrite PQ core 26 mm x 25 mm, with bobbin and clip
TSC 7070 material data
2Ferrite toroidal core, 13 mm x 6 mm
330 uF 25 V4Electrolytic capacitor, Nichicon UHE1E331MPD6, 0.865 A rms
3300 uF 35 V2Electrolytic capacitor, Nichicon UHE1V332MHD, 4.22 A rms
2200 uF 63 V2Electrolytic capacitor, Nichicon UVR1J222MHD, 2.3 A rms
22 uF 200 V1Electrolytic capacitor, Nichicon UCS2D220MPD, 0.50 A rms
1 uF 250 V1Polyester film capacitor
10 uF 25 V X7R2Multilayer ceramic capacitor
1 uF 25 V X7R10Multilayer ceramic capacitor
0.1 uF 50 V X7R10Multilayer ceramic capacitor
0.47 uF 100 V X7R3Multilayer ceramic capacitor
BOB-007171SOT-23 to DIP adapter board, Sparkfun (for INA-195)
TO-220 mount kit
4TO-220 heatsink, 6.4 deg C per W, with insulators and shoulder washers
ILB8P-223TLF38 pin DIP socket
DILB16P-223TLF116 pin DIP socket
Perf board14.5 in x 6 in
Header136 pin
screws and nutshardware for boards
binding posts4for power input and output connections