Power Electronics and Photovoltaic Power Systems Laboratory

ECEN 4517/5517 Spring 2020

This course is an introduction to analysis, modeling, design, and testing of electrical energy processing systems, in a practical laboratory setting. Included are power electronics converters for efficient utilization of available energy sources, and energy sources including solar panels and the utility. The semester experiments plus final design project involve design, modeling, fabrication, and testing of a solar power system.

The laboratory includes portable photovoltaic systems associated with every lab station, including 85 W PV panels, 56 A-hour batteries, 300 W inverters, and other supporting infrastructure. Associated with these systems, students design and build power conversion electronics, with analog and digital control circuitry.

The course begins with basic experiments in:

The course will then proceed with design experiments in the following areas:

We will participate in the ECEE Department Expo during the morning of May 3. We will have a competition to see which group has built the most efficient and effective system.

ECEN 5517 involves additional work in power converters requiring deeper knowledge and understanding of power electronics.

This course is offered every spring semester. The instructor for Spring 2020 is Prof. Bob Erickson.

Spring 2010 Competition Video