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Welcome to ECEE

Welcome to the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Our department was founded in the 1890s, in the earliest days of the College of Engineering. Today its faculty include 38 tenured and tenure-track professors, 14 professors, 14 associate professors, and 8 assistant professors. The Department has 2 research professors and 1 associate professor, 4 senior research associates, 8 research associates as well as 2 senior instructors, and over 15 adjunct professors, instructors, and lecturers.

Our faculty include 14 IEEE, 3 OSA and SPIE fellows, and 2 members of the US National Academy of Engineering. Our research support is approximately $17.3M per year from a variety of public and private sources.

Our vision is to enable technical professionals to distinguish themselves in a globally competitive marketplace. We pursue this goal for our undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and professionals in our community. Details of the department mission and objectives can be found here.

Undergraduate programs: Our department features an exceptional undergraduate program. We offer two degrees at the undergraduate level: B.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The undergraduate program places heavy emphasis on laboratory work with opportunities for special study in both theoretical and large project based activities. Both degrees are accredited by ABET; the ECE degree is accredited as both an Electrical Engineering degree and as a Computer Engineering degree. Our undergraduate programs are viewed by a number of employers as the best in the Rocky Mountain Region. See our undergraduate student page for details.

Undergraduate minors: In addition to the EE and ECE majors, we have minors in electrical engineering, computer engineering, signals and systems, and electrical renewable energy systems open to students from other disciplines.

Graduate programs: Our graduate programs feature internationally known researchers in traditional and emerging areas. We offer four graduate degrees: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Engineering (M.E.), and concurrent Bachelor and Master of Science (B.S./M.S.). Our graduate class is approximately 50% from the US and 50% international. We have ten major research areas and two research centers. See our graduate study in ECEE page for more details.

Certificate programs: We have certificate programs in embedded systems, power electronics,and software engineering that serve our students and professionals in the region.

Information on our program is available throughout this site. If you have questions or want to talk to a departmental representative directly, please see our contact page. We hope to serve you in your pursuit of an exciting, globally based career where you will be one of the people designing and building the world of tomorrow.

Robert McLeod, Professor and Chair