The RF & Microwave Laboratory

University of Colorado Engineering Center The lab is fully equipped for design and fabrication of hybrid microwave circuits, antennas, and GaAs and GaN MMICs. Test and measurement capabilities extend from UHF through the millimeter range and up to W-band and G-band including network analyzers, microwave sweepers and spectrum analyzers, anechoic test chambers, quasi-optical setups, optical hardware, vibration isolation and motion control. Simulation tools include full-wave electromagnetic FEM, MoM, and FDTD solvers as well as microwave circuit simulation and planar EM solvers running on dedicated multi-core simulation computers.

Measurement Capabilities

  • Anechoic chamber
  • Agilent E8364B 4-port Precision Network Analyzer (PNA)
  • HP 8510c with V-band and W-band mixer heads
  • Cascade Microtech Summit 9000 wafer probe station
  • General:
    • Agilent spectrum analyzers (20 GHz, 50 GHz)
    • Agilent synthesized sweepers (20 GHz, 50 GHz)
    • HP71500A transition analyzer to 40 GHz
    • Sampling oscilloscope to 40 GHz
    • Low-phase noise oscillators
    • Cables/connectors/adapters
    • Mixers
    • Amplifiers: drivers, LNAs, PAs
    • Microscopes with computer interface
    • Solder/rework stations
    • Function generators
    • Lock-in amplifiers
    • Motion control (electromechanical and piezoelectric)
    • Optics table and vibration isolation chamber

Design and Fabrication

Simulation Tools

Specialized Equipment

  • mm-wave/quasi-optical
  • Wafer probing
  • Load-pull (coaxial & wafer)
  • Wire bonding
  • Gold plating