ECEE4638: Control Systems Lab


Instructor: Shalom D. Ruben
TA: Yilan Chen
Tu,Th 12-1:50PM
ITLL HP Lab Plaza
Office Hours:TBD

Control system design and analysis with experience both in real hardware and computer simulation. Emphasis is placed on the entire control system design cycle - modeling the system, synthesizing a controller, conducting simulations, analyzing the design to suggest modi cations and improvements, and implementing the design for actual testing.


  1. Prerequisites

    1. ECEN 3300, Linear Systems

    2. APPM 2360, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

  2. Corequisite

    1. ECEN 4138, Control Systems Analysis

  3. Group Lab Reports

  4. Participation

  5. ITLL computer access (need to take a tour)

Group Lab Reports

Lab reports will be written up in groups. Keep in mind that written labs should be short, should address the tasks assigned in the lab, and provide reasonable indication of having understood the lab.

The lab write-ups for this course are not supposed to be reflections of having successfully followed a long series of seemingly arbitrary steps. Although that is unfortunately occasionally a component of this lab, the objective of this course is to help you to think independently about how to approach a control design problem. Your lab write-ups will be graded not only on the tasks you achieved and the plots you turn in, but also in your description of why you chose those plots, what you think the relevant questions are, and what problems you encountered.

You should imagine that I am your completely unreasonable boss. I tell you that I want a perfect model of the system, a controller that works instantaneously and is moreover robust to all possible disturbances and uncertainties. What do you tell me to convince me that 1) I’m being unreasonable, and 2) you are going to do a good job anyhow?


  1. ECEE 4638

    1. ECEE4638 Current Manual

    2. ECEE4638 OLD Manual

    3. ECEE4638 Labview Tutorial (same as Lab 0)

  2. LabVIEW

    1. Labview Student Tutorials


Week Date Description Assignment
1 Aug 22 LabVIEW Tutorial Lab 0
2 Aug 29 Introduction to Simulation in LabVIEW Lab 1
3 Sep 5 Simulation of Torsional Disk System (TDS) Lab 2
5 Sep 19 System Identification of the TDS Lab 3
7 Oct 3 Open-Loop and PID Control Design Lab 4
9 Oct 17 Root Locus Design Lab 5
11 Oct 31 Frequency Domain Design Lab 6
13 Nov 14 State-Space Design Lab 7
Dec 9 Last Day of Classes