GEEN1500: Introduction to Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Module

Instructor: Prof. Shalom D. Ruben
Fri 4:00-5:15pm
Office: ECME 128

This course provides an introduction to the practice and disciplines of engineering, and to the specific discipline majors offered by the departments and programs of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Those things that distinguish our profession as well as descriptions of the College’s specific degree disciplines are presented. The course includes materials and exercises intended to help you succeed as an engineering student at CU, and is designed to help you make one the most important decisions of your career – which particular discipline within engineering is of the most interest to you.


R. M. Sherfield and P. G. Moody, Cornerstone: Creating Success through Positive Change, 6th Edition, 2011


Course Syllabus

Class Requirements

  1. Class Attendance

  2. Weekly Assignments

  3. Group Presentation (details to come)


  • Week 1: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

  • Week 2: Special Guest Speaker Jerome Rifkin, Inventor, CEO of Tensegrity Prosthetics and graduate of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado

  • Week 3: Grand Challenges and Mechanical Engineering

  • Week 5: Group Presentations


  1. Desire 2 Learn

  2. Grand Challenges

  3. Interview with Dean Kamen (inventor of the segway shown above)

  4. Dean Kamen previews new prosthetic arm

  5. Being Smart Is Not Enough

  6. ME 4-Year Plan

  7. ME 5-Year Plan

  8. Mechanical Engineering Overview

Group Project

  1. Group Presentation Template