MCEN3025: Component Design


Instructor: Prof. Shalom D. Ruben
Office: ECME 128
Office Hours: Mon 11-12pm, Wed 10-11am

Office Hours: TBA

The purpose of this course is to teach you the basic science, engineering, analytical tools and art required to build useful machines. Insofar as mechanical engineering is the design and construction of machines and mechanical devices, this course is truly the core of mechanical engineering. The first part of the course will review and build upon material from Statics, Mechanics of Solids and Material Science to determine how materials bend and fail and to ensure that parts of our machines do not deform excessively or fail prematurely. The second part of the course surveys common machine elements and introduces a process for effectively incorporating them into mechanical designs. A hands-on lab session and semester design project will reinforce the lectures and homeworks and allow you to ‘learn-by-doing.’ (Image: Exploded view of a Sturmey Archer 3-Speed internal wheel hub)

Important Dates

  1. Project Task List (TBA)

  2. Project Concpet Sketches (TBA)

  3. Midterm 1 (10/8)

  4. Final Design Report Check #1 (TBA)

  5. Preliminary Analysis and Test Plan (TBA)

  6. Final Design Report Check #2 (TBA)

  7. Midterm 2 (11/12)

  8. Find Design Report (TBA)



Topics Covered

(not restricted to this order and may not cover all topics)

  1. Static

    1. Material Properties

    2. Axially Loaded Members

    3. Torsion

    4. Analysis of Stress and Strain (Mohr’s Circle)

    5. Shear Froces and Bending Moments

    6. Failure

  2. Dynamic

    1. Fatigue

  3. Components

    1. Springs

    2. Bearings

    3. Gears

    4. Shafts

    5. Bearings

    6. Fastners


See D2L

Grading Breakdowns

  1. Individual Work (50%)

    1. Midterm Exams (30%)

    2. Participation/Quizes (5%)

    3. Peer Review Scores for Project (15%)

  2. Group Work (50%)

    1. Homework (10%)

    2. Workshops(10%)

    3. Project (30%)

Desire 2 Learn (D2L)

To access the following material, you must log in to D2L:

  1. Homework Assignments

  2. Homework Solutions

  3. Exam Solutions


There will be one semester long design projects in this course. You will choose your own teams—no more than 5 students may be on a team. You will need to purchase additional materials in order to complete your projects. Each team member is expected to contribute $40 toward supplies and equipment for the project. A detailed description of the design project will be handed out as a separate document.


  1. Project Task List (TBA)

  2. Project Concpet Sketches (TBA)

  3. Final Design Report Check #1 (TBA)

  4. Preliminary Analysis and Test Plan (TBA)

  5. Final Design Report Check #2 (TBA)

  6. Find Design Report (TBA)



  1. Assignments must be neat, organized and legible. In plain English: If we cannot read your assignment, you will not get credit for it. Typed assignments are welcome.

  2. At the start of each problem, write out a brief description of the problem including given information and what is to be found. Put a box around all final answers.

  3. Show your work enough to fully demonstrate your understating and your arrival at your answer.

  4. Write on only one side of the paper. Pages must stapled be in order (i.e. following the order in which the problems were assigned).

  5. You only have TWO WEEKS from the return date to question the grading.

In-Class Expectations

The following expectations will assist us with the creation of a learning community and a high quality of educational experience. The University of Colorado Classroom Behavior Policy will compliment these expectations:

  1. Arrive to class on time

  2. Turn off your cell phones/ don’t text

  3. No laptops during lectures

  4. Refrain from having disruptive conversations

Academic Integrity

You will be asked to complete group homework assignments in this course, but it is also expected that you will abide by The University of Colorado Honor Code at all times.

Late Work

No late work will be accepted