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Netbooks, and network questions

Hi all-

Regarding Netbooks:

Cheapest I could find is something like this: Acer Aspire ONE D250-1165 – Atom N270 1.6 GHz – 10.1″ TFT

another useful review site:

Also, looks like ubuntu and asterisk (or asteriskNOW) will probably be our platform:  Kevin will probably have more on this at the meeting.

There was some discussion at the last meeting about having a computer at each node, but after talking it over with my roommate (big networking guy..) we really only need 1 computer, for the server.  All traffic can be monitored (or even capped) with one computer, and that could save us money.  That one computer could even act as a router, if need be.

Depending on how we are going to use the existing backbone, we might not need much hardware.  This has been explained to me once, and I’m not sure I completely understand it, so I’m hoping Matt (my roommate) can come to our next meeting, but:
Will we have our own, private network? or can we use the existing routers to route calls to our phones?  If we want to keep the med and educ networks completely independent ( = med, = health), we’ll need our own routers, but if we can modify the existing routers to direct calls to either the health setup (if is called, for example) or our IP phone (, for example), then we don’t need additional routers..

just wanted to get ideas down here.  we can talk more at the next meeting.


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Pilot Project Diagram

This is the diagram of the NapoNet Pilot Project. The goal is to communicate high school teachers in Santa Clotilde (major town in the middle Napo Area) to distant students in Copal Urco and San rafael (minor towns).

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Meeting Agenda 9-18-2009

NapoNet Group Meeting

Friday, September 18th 2009

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

ECOT 314

Last Meeting:

Presentations/Discussion Items:

  1. NapoNet’s local and international partners                                  5:00-5:20
  2. Current and prospective funding sources                                     5:20-5:40
  3. Working areas for volunteers                                                              5:40-6:00

Action Items:

Latest Blog Post:

- This agenda

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