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Over the years, I have received numerous questions from users. This page lists replies to a few of the more frequently asked questions.

First, let me explain the original objective and history:

More than a decade ago, I choose to provide an on-line text on semiconductor devices. The intent was to use this novel format to create a hyperlinked reference text, taking advantage of the computer environment. The early version contained short self-contained sections suitable for quick download and easy on-screen reading. A combination of html text with small individual gif equations/figures was selected. By now, my text has grown to more than hundreds of web pages with thousands of picture files. A complete printed copy is well over 1000 pages not including the spreadsheets and animations.

The eventual goal is to publish a shorter version as a regular undergraduate level textbook together with the full version on a CDROM.

Can I purchase a hard copy of this text?

This text has not been published as a book. It is under contract with a publisher and will be published in due course.

Can I download a pdf file of the whole text?

The on-line text was designed for on-screen viewing. The full text is well over 1000 pages so that I recommend that users only print the sections they frequently use. Eventually a shortened version will be published as a textbook including the complete version on CDROM. Print files in pdf format are provided throughout the text, for sections marked with the CDROM icon, but also for all examples, problems, review questions, bibliographies, equation sheets and all appendices. Just look for the pdf icon.

Can I purchase a CDROM?

I provide free copies on CDROM to teachers and instructors upon request. Other requests are considered on an individual basis.

Why do I not see the figure/equation?

My text contains thousands of individual pictures. Occasionally one of these picture files is missing, misnamed or does not have the correct permission setting. As a result, the item shows up as a box with a cross.

If you encounter missing figures or equations please let me know.

Can I get the password to access the problem solutions?

I do not provide access to the problem solutions except to teachers and instructors. Instead, I encourage students to solve the example problems. I also provide numeric answers in Appendix 8 so that students can check their own solution.

Bart Van Zeghbroeck, Boulder, 2006 - bart@colorado.edu