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0.4 Applications: Wireless Communication


Wireless Communication Wireless communication has become pervasive in every day life, providing convenience, piece of mind as well as emergency preparedness for its users through instant accessibility

Wireless Base Station The characteristic antenna of a wireless base station stands out in the landscape. With one or up to four antennas facing in three direction it emits and receives the radio frequency signals at 800 and 1900 MHz

Cell phone This hand held unit communicates with the base station and picks out the encoded signals from a multitude of incoming of radio waves

Inside the cell phone The inside of the cell phone is packed with surface-mounted electronic components and miniaturized buttons, a microphone, speaker and display

Power amplifier A crucial component is the RF power amplifier that provides the necessary power for reliable transmission to the base station

Cell phone antenna The cell phone antenna is the link to the outside world. Designed to transmit as well as receive the RF signals, it efficiently couples the electro-magnetic waves to the transmitter and receiver