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0.4 Applications: The Digital Light Projector


Digital light projector A digital light projector provides the capability to display a video or computer monitor signal on a projection screen. Such projector stands out by its small size, low weight and rather unique use of MEMS

Projector optics The internal light path starts with a bright halogen source, which is guided through the color wheel, reflects off the MEMS chip and is projected through the projector lens

Color wheel & chip close-up A close-up of the color wheel and MEMS chip reveals the internal lens and beamsplitter

Micromirror chip The micromirror chip is mounted in a package with a transparent window onto the printed circuit board

Micromirror array An even closer view shows the active element: a large array of little mirrors. Millions of these mirrors, each smaller than 20 micron, are packed onto the micromirror chip