Application of Embedded Systems Fall 2015
ECEN 2020 University of Colorado Boulder
Embedded Systems as a Tool

This course is the beginning course for the embedded systems track for the ECEE curriculum. You will be learning some of the basic ideas behind embedded systems by building your own embedded system.


11/15: HW5 has been posted and is due Friday 11/20. Work on your projects. I will have office hours Tuesday 11/17 7-9 pm. Office hours over break will be posted before the end of the week

10/20: Lab3 has due date has been updated on the homework page, due next Friday 10/23. Demo required.HW 4 is due Monday 10/26

10/15: Lab3 has due has been updated on the homework page, due next wednesday 10/21. Demo required.

10/9: Lab3 has been posted, due next Friday 10/16. Demo required.

9/29: Reminder, HW3 is due Friday 10/2 and Exam 1 will be friday 10/2 in our lecture room

9/20: Lab 2 has been posted due this coming friday. Exam 1 will be on Friday October 2nd, in our lecture room

9/12: HW 2 has been posted due this coming friday. Class will be held in the lab on Friday. ECEE282 has CodeComposer libraries fixed and confirmed working.

9/8: Lab 1 due date will be pushed out until 9/18. Class will be in lecture all on this friday, NOT in the lab, meet in Fleming @ 1pm.

9/2: This friday meet in the Lab at 1pm ECEE281. HW 1 is due at the beginning of lab. Bring your MSP432 kits, the Booster kits are now available in the E-store. Quiz1 will be given. I will regulary be in the lab 12-3pm on Fridays and you should come for extra lab hours when needed.

8/31: Lab 1 has been posted has been posted on D2L, this will be due next friday (1 week lab). Office hours have been updated on the information page

8/28: HW_1 has been posted on D2L. Lecture 2 slides on c programming have been updated to have some extra content.