Circuits as Systems

ECEN 2260 Spring 2014

An introduction to signal processing circuits and systems

Announcements and Updates

  • For those students who earned a grade of less than C, a makeup final exam will be offered. If you are able to demonstrate knowledge of the material at the level of C or higher on this exam, then your course grade will be changed accordingly. This exam will be similar in scope to the first final exam. The exam will be administered on Wednesday Aug. 20 at 9:30 am to noon, in the same classroom (ECEE 1B32). Use the summer to study! Same rules: you may refer to your own handwritten notes on two 8.5 by 11 in sheets. You may use a handheld calculator.
  • Solution to final exam
  • The final exam has now been graded, and your final grades have been entered online.
  • Update 8/13/2014

The course is an introduction to signal processing circuits and systems, including frequency domain analysis and second-order system response in the time and frequency domains. It also assists in the development of problem-solving abilities, including physical thinking, approximation techniques, and design-oriented analysis. Instructor, Spring 2013 semester: Prof. Robert Erickson.

The required prerequisites for the course are: APPM 2360, Linear Algebra/Differential Equations, and ECEN 2250, Intro to Circuits and Electronics.