ECEN 2260 - Spring 2016 - Circuits as Systems

Last revised on 1/20/2015

Instructor: Harry Hilgers

Office: TBD


Teaching Assistant: Priya Vemparala Guruswamy



The Complex-Frequency-Domain semester


Laplace Bode - Fourier

The Giants of

Electrical Circuit Analysis in the Complex Frequency Domain


Spring 2016 office hours

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10 11

9:30 10:30

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Syllabus More/Less

      Review of complex numbers and phasors.

      The Laplace Transform, Circuit Analysis with Laplace Transform

      2ndOrder Transient Response using the Laplace Transform

   Many dynamic systems show a dominant 2ndorder behavior

   Newtons Law, RLC circuits, mass-spring-damping system (car shock absorbers)

      Dominant and non-dominant poles


      Frequency Response and Bode Diagrams


      Filter circuits



   Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass, Band-Stop, Notch

   State Variable Filters




      Fourier Series

      Fourier Transform

      Feedback, stability, gain and phase margins

      Block diagrams



Introduction to Design and Engineering Analysis

      Real Circuits that do useful things

   They are more complicated than the circuits in the Introductory Course.

      High-level thinking.

   Learn to look at upper level requirements from which the lower level requirements are derived.

      Circuit Manipulation instead of Algebra

      To solve larger circuits, break them into smaller functional blocks

      Loop and node equations can easily lead to algebraic mistakes. However, if you are not sure about your answers, you can always double check your functional expressions with these methods.

      Approximations instead of exact numerical solutions

      The equivalent resistance for a 10 ohm/10% resistor in parallel with a 100 ohm/10% resistor still equals around 10 ohm

      Estimate the ORDER OF MAGNITUDE of your expected calculator/simulation output.

   A 2+6 Henry Inductor? Maybe you meant 10-6

   A 2+6 Farad Capacitor? At a high voltage this would be a huge capacitor. I wonder if this cap would fit inside the Grand Canyon

   Once I saw a value of 33kohm 0.87563 ohm for a10% resistor .. hmmmmm ...

   The moral: Dont just write what your calculator tells you. THINK about your answer. Put it in perspective.


ECEN 2260 spring 2016 - Tentative Lecture Schedule

See D2L for the up-to-date version

Last revised on 12/28/2015 by HHH


Lecture-numbers/Lecture-dates are more/less.


You are expected to prepare lectures well in advance.

All lectures will be posted on D2L also well in advance.


There will be many unannounced quizzes.

They will be part of the grading formula in a TBD manner.


HW Review Sessions: Every Wednesday at 8:00 am

1B32 just down the hall from the ECEE office


ECEN 2260 spring 2016 - Lecture Schedule


Lectures and assignment due dates are subject to change.




    Jan. 11

Lect. 1 Syllabus & Introduction

Lect. 2 Review material

    Jan. 13

Lect. 2 Review material

    Jan. 15

Lect. 3 Introduction to the Laplace transforms

Textbook sections 9-1, 9-2

HW 0 (Chapter 8 Review) Due on Sunday night Jan. 17 at 11:30 PM in the D2L drop-box

    Jan. 18

No Class

    Jan. 20

Lect. 4 Laplace transforms of important functions

Textbook sections 9-2, 9-3, and 9-7

    Jan. 22

Lect. 5 Laplace transform properties and examples

Textbook sections 9-2 and 9-7

HW1 Due (More Review)

      Jan. 25

Lect. 6 Transform of a periodic waveform. Inverse transform

Textbook section 9-4

      Jan. 27

Lect. 7 Inverse transform: complex roots and other special cases

Textbook section 9-5

      Jan. 29

Lect. 8 Using the Laplace transform to solve circuits problems

Textbook Section 9-6 and Chapter 10

HW2 due: Laplace Transform problems

      Feb. 1

Lect. 9 Network functions

Textbook Chapter 11

      Feb. 3

Lect. 10 Step response and damping of a second-order circuit

Textbook Chapter 11

      Feb. 5

Lect. 11 Computer data bus example, pole location vs. nature of response

Textbook Section 9-3 and Chapter 11

HW3 due

    Feb. 8

Lect. 11A Convolution and impulse response

Textbook Section 11-6

    Feb. 10

Lect. 11B1 Convolution and impulse response

Lect. 11B2 Detailed example

Textbook Section 11-6

      Feb. 12

Lect. 12 Sinusoidal Steady State Laplace to Phasor

Textbook Section 11-5

HW4 due

      Feb. 15

Lect. 13 Bode diagrams 1

Covered in Chapter 12, but lectures will follow these notes

      Feb. 17

Lect. 14 Bode diagrams 2

Covered in Chapter 12, but lectures will follow these notes


Lect. 15 Writing the transfer functions of some simple filters using frequency inversion

HW5 due

    Feb. 22

Lect. 16 TBD

    Feb. 24

Exam #1 over ALL material HW1-4

        Feb. 26

Lect. 17 Op-Amp Example Lead/Lag Mag -Phase asymptotes

    Feb. 29

Lect. 18 Cmplx poles

    Mar. 2

Lect. 19 Summary: asymptotes, 2nd order resp., low-Q Approx.

    Mar. 4

Lect. 20_21 Graphical construction of Bode plots

HW6 due

    Mar. 7

Lect. 20_21 Graphical construction of Bode plots

    Mar. 9

Lect. 22 Intro to classical filters

    Mar. 11

Lect. 23 Butterworth and Chebychev filters

Textbook Chapter 14

HW7 due

      Mar. 14

Lect. 24_26 Block diagrams


Lect. 24_26 Block diagrams

      Mar. 18

Lect. 24_26 Block diagrams

HW8 due

Mar. 21

        Spring break

Mar. 23

        Spring break

Mar. 25

        Spring break

    Mar. 28

Lect. 27 Fourier series: Introduction

Textbook Chapter 13

    Mar. 30

Lect. 28 Fourier series: Waveform symmetries

Textbook Section 13.3

    April 1

Lect. 29: Fourier series: Steady-state response of a circuit driven by a Fourier series

Textbook Section 13-4

HW9 due

    Apr. 4

Lect. 30 TBD

    Apr. 6

Exam #2 over ALL material of HW5-8

    Apr. 8

Lect. 31 Fourier series: examples

Textbook Sect 13-4


Lect. 32 Fourier series: examples and applications

    Apr. 13

Lect. 33 RMS values, average power, power factor

Textbook Sect 13-5

    Apr. 15

Lect. 34_35 Fourier transform

Textbook Sects. 13-6 to 13-9

HW10 due

      Apr. 18

Lect. 34_35 Fourier transform

      Apr. 20

Lect. 36 Intro to feedback

Lect. 37 Feedback

Lect. 38 Notes on feedback systems

      Apr. 22

Lect. 39 Stability, gain and phase margins, feedback example

HW11 due

      Apr. 25

Lect. 40 Op amp example: effect of negative feedback on gain, bandwidth, and output impedance

      Apr. 27


      Apr. 29

Lect. 41 Review for final exam

HW12 due