ECEN 3070 – Edges of Science

Spring 2018 - TTh 12:30-1:45 – Professor Garret Moddel – University of Colorado at Boulder

Location: ITL 1B50 (seminar room in the southeastern extension to the Engineering Center)






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ANNOUNCEMENTS  (updated 16 May 2018)

  • Have a great summer. Please do drop me an email you encounter relevant experiences and information in the future.
  • Very well carried out projects on applications of psi can be submitted for presentation at the Society for Scientific Exploration meeting in Las Vegas, June 6-10, 2018.
  • The Parapsychology Association will have its annual meeting in Northern California August 2-5..
  • To get you into the spirit of the course, you might want to participate in one or more of Rupert Sheldrake’s online experiments.  I told him to expect participants from this course.



SCHEDULE  (updated 17 April 2018)




Jan 16

General introduction


Advocacy Arguments may be written on topic labeled with dot

Jan 18

Mind-matter 1: Psychokinesis

Reading: Radin Ch 9 (note references at end of file), Retro-PK (Schmidt 1976)



Jan 23

Perception through time 1: Experiments

Reading: Radin Ch 10 (note references at end of file), and precognitive habituation (Bem 2003) & reaction (NYT 2011). The 2003 reading is one of the studies in Bem 2011 (not required reading)

Jan 25

Psi in everyday life

Reading: Sheldrake (Ch. 27 in Handbook), and Sheldrake (p. 93 in BG)


Jan 30

Ball selection test

Reading: Ertel (p. 138 in BG)

Optional reading: Ertel 2010

Feb 1

Maverick science success & failures

Reading: Brody 27-39, Friedlander 21-34, flying machines, ulcers, epigentics,

Optional reading: recent cold fusion, and more recently


Feb 6

Remote perception, with Paul Smith

Readings: Schwartz (p. 168 in BG)

Optional readings; What is remote viewing?, Methodology, and CIA program

7 pm: Remote viewing workshop – in regular classroom (ITL 1B50)

Feb 8

The scientific method

Reading: Friedlander 35-62, Bridgman, Beaty: Scientific Method

Discussion of class projects


Feb 13

The scientific process 

Readings: informational cascades, breakfast, scientific consensus, medical lies [pp. 1-4 (top half)], brass containers

Feb 15

Project proposal due (see Coursework page for description; turn in on paper in class)

Psi history

Reading: Carter Ch 3 & 4, skim Radin Chs 2, 4 –5.


Feb 20

Complete the online course for Social Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel and pass quiz. (See item 3a on coursework page)

Telepathy 2

Reading: Radin Ch 6, the Monte Hall problem, playing the odds

Feb 22

Complete a description of your protocol and expedited worksheet for the IRB. (See item 3b on coursework page.) Email completed research proposal to G. Moddel

Introduction to the IRB (Internal Review Board) process

Statistics primer I: using Seeing Statistics

Paranormal Distribution


Feb 27
Submit research proposal to the IRB.

Statistics primer II: using Seeing Statistics

Reading; Statistics in psi research

Mar 1
Statistics primer III: using Seeing Statistics

Reading: Aikin on inference


Mar 6
Perception through time 2: Logic & causality

Reading: Backward causation (just skim to give you an idea of the issues), strange PK (Schmidt 1987)

Short analysis page (optional; counts as one advocacy report)

Mar 8

Perception through time 3: Theory

Reading: Background information (entropy & example), Moddel 2006 (through p. 68)


Mar 13


Readings: placebos, card guessing

Optional reading: Radin (2007)

Mar 15

Mind-matter interactions 2: Field consciousness

Reading: Radin Ch 11

Reproducibility & experimenter effect

Reading: Smith


Mar 20

Local sidereal time

Reading: Spottiswoode (p. 278 in BG)

Machine consciousness

Reading: presient machine or machine precognition (Moddel 2011)

Mar 22

Project analysis paper due

Healing (and harming) with intention

Readings: Bengston, and meanspeak (slides #14 &#15 here)

Optional: Bengston 2018 update


Mar 27  Spring break

Mar 29  Spring break


Apr 3

Give a brief (3 minute max) in-class update on your projects

Skepticism 1

Reading: Psience

Pseudoscience, Worldview

Apr 5 

Skepticism 2

Required Reading:  Carter Ch 8

Recommended: This podcast, or Sheldrake on Wikipedia and Weiler

Optional: Carter Ch 14 & Ch 2


Apr 10 


Reading: Radin Ch 12

If you’re interested: A recent quantum entanglement experiment

Apr 12 


Reading: Radin Ch 13 or Real Magic podcast with Dean Radin last week


Apr 17 


Reading: Smith & Moddel (Ch. 29 in Handbook)

Final advocacy arguments due

Apr 19

Project presentations: Stalder, King & Koenig

Carmine & Meyer

Dahms & Mediavilla


Apr 24

Project presentations:: Erokhin, Witte & Fasching;


Thompson & Wegner;

Palmer & Kailey-Steiner

Apr 26

Project presentations:; Johnson

Jocobson, Macchia & Harant

Bdewi & Larson



May 1

Project presentations: Arnold, Troetschel, Megerle & Herrington

Rodriguez & Shakir

Monastine & Chabot

May 3

Project presentations: LePine, Tobey & Kopp-De Vol

Davidson, Biesterfeld, Ervin & Im

Arellano, Bourgeois & Widener


May 6  Final project paper due by email