Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission

M/W/F 12-12.50am ECEN 265

Spring 2017

Instructor: Prof. Kelvin Wagner

kelvin@colorado.edu, x24661, ECEN 232 inside OCS

TP support Bohan Zhang and Charles Rackson

General Course Information

This course deals with rapidly varying electromagnetic fields and is continuation of ECEN3400 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves. Topics include Maxwell’s and wave equations, Poynting theorem, skin effect; transmission line theory and analysis; plane wave propagation, reflection and refraction; waveguides and resonators; antennas; with examples from RF, mm Wave, THz, and Optics. This class is essential for students' fundamental understanding of wireless technologies, radar, high speed electronics, and provides an introduction to Optics and Lasers.


B. Notaros: Electromagnetics, Prentice Hall, 1st edition, 2011.  

Other Readings

Grades and Exams

Grades will be based on homework and projects (35%), midterms and quizes (30%), and a final (35%). The final will be held Wed May 10, 4:30-7:00PM.


  1. hw1-ch8.pdf Due Monday Jan 30
  2. hw2-ch9.pdf Due Monday Feb 13
  3. hw3-ch10.pdf Due Monday Feb 27
  4. hw4-ch11.pdf Due Wednesday March 15 (delayed)
  5. hw5a-ch12.pdf Due Friday March 24


  1. Quiz1-SOLN.pdf Monday February 6. Complex monochromatic field representation and Helmholtz Eqn
  2. Quiz2-SOLN.pdf Monday February 22. Complex monochromatic form of Maxwell's eqn and derive wave Eqn
  3. Quiz3-SOLN.pdf Friday May 3. Reflection from interface. Wave impedance transformation.


  1. Midterm1-SOLN.pdf Monday May 6 Midterm 1 SOLUTION

Review Sessions and Office Hours


Lecture Schedule

Mon Wed Fri
Jan 18-20 8.1 Charge, Currents L1.pdf 8.2,3Integral Maxwell's Eqn L2.pdf
Jan 23-27 8.6-8 Maxwells Eqn, Time Harmonic L3.pdf EM Extra notes 8.4 Boundary Condition, Div, Curl, Grad L4.pdf 8.9-10 Laplacian, Vector Potential L5.pdf
Jan 30-Feb 3 8.11-12 Spherical Waves, Poynting Vector L6.pdf 9.1-3 Wave Eqn, Plane Waves L7.pdf 9.4-5 Harmonic Plane Waves L8.pdf
Feb 6-10 9.6-7 Lossy Media L9.pdf 9.9-11 Dielectrics, Conductors L10.pdf 9.14 Polarization L11.pdf Polarization Extra Notes
Feb 13-17 Poincare Sphere L12.pdf 9.12 Plasma, 9.13 Group/Phase Velocity, L13.pdf Ch 10.1, Reflection&Transmission coefficients L14.pdf
Feb 20-24 10.2 Dielectric Boundary L15.pdf 10.7 Oblique incidence L16.pdf 10.8 Brewster angle L17.pdf
Feb 27-Mar 3 10.9 TIR L18.pdf 10.9 Multilayer media L19.pdf 10.6 Rectangular waveguides L20.pdf
Mar 6-10 MIDTERM 11.1,2 Field analysis of transmission lines L21.pdf 11.4 2-conductor TL L22.pdf
Mar 13-17 11.5,6 TL attenuation L23.pdf 12.1-5 Circuit analysis of TL L24.pdf 12.4-5 Reflection and Impedance matching L25.pdf
Mar 20-24 12.6-8 TL Impedance 12.9,10 Resonators 12.11 Smith chart
Apr 3-7 12.12,13,15,16 Steps, Pulses 13.1-5 Waveguides and Modes 13.6-8 Cutoff, power flow
Apr 10-14 13.10-11 Dispersion, Couplers 13.12-14 Resonators Dielectric slab waveguides, Optical Fibers
Apr 17-21 14 14.1,3 Antennas, Dipole, far-field 14.4 Antenna impedance 14.5 Radiation patterns
Apr 24-28 14.6 Directivity and Gain 14.12 Receiving antennas 14.13,15 Arrays
May 1-5 Gaussian Beams Optics and Lasers

Clasroom Behavior

  1. Cell phones and pagers must be turned off before entering the classroom.
  2. Questions are encouraged and required.

Other Polices and Regulations