ECEN 4021/5021

Design of Implantable Medical Devices


Spring 2015

 T-TH 12:30-1:45, ECEE 1B32


Professor:  Richard Mihran


Please check this page regularly throughout the semester – Last update: 21 April, 2015

·        Welcome to ECEN 4011/5011.   The links below will provide you with information such as supplementary course notes and homework assignments, as well as course policies and other administrative issues. I will also use this window throughout the semester to post announcements, so please bookmark this page and check it regularly.


·        (4/21)  HW 7 has been posted and is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 4/28.

·        (4/10)  HW 6 solutions have been posted.

·        (4/7)  Some hints for problem 6 of HW 6 can be found here.

·        (4/2)  HW 6 has been posted and is due on Thursday, April 9th.

·        (3/31) Exam 2 will be given in class on Thursday, April 16th.  It will cover HW 5-6 and associated lectures and reading.

·        (3/12)  HW 5 has been posted and is due on Thursday, March 19th.  Please review the supplementary notes for relevant reading on current steering and speech processing algorithms in the cochlear implant.

·        (3/3)  Exam 1 has been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 10th.

·        (2/27)  HW 4 Solutions have been posted.

·        (2/18)  HW 4 has been posted and is due on Thurs Feb. 26th.  HW 3 solutions are posted.

·        Exam 1 will be given in class on Thursday, March 5th.  It will cover HW1-4 and associated lectures and reading.  A reference sheet of expressions and constants will be provided.

·        (2/9)  HW 3 has been posted and is due at the beginning of lecture on Tuesday, Feb. 17th.

·        (2/9)  Solutions to HW 2 have been posted.

·        (1/29)  HW 2 has been posted and is due at the beginning of lecture on Thursday, Feb. 5th.

·        (1/28)  Solutions to HW 1 have been posted.

·        (1/15)  Current Reading (start of the semester):  Intro and Overview:  Ch.1, Ch 2: 11-17; Cell Membranes, origin of resting, action and receptor potentials:  Ch. 4 – 5 and supplementary notes #1;  The Auditory System:  Ch. 52

·        Students who took ECEN 4011/5011 in Spring 2014:  Please note that the Spring 2015 course (Design of Implantable Medical Devices) is a different course which may be taken for additional credit – it is not the same course as was offered in the Spring 2014 semester (Engineering Applications in Medicine).  Feel free to contact me if you have questions

·        Please go here if you would like to read an overview of the course.





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