ECEN 4573 – Spring Semester 2004 – Thursdays 8:00-11:50 AM
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  • Wednesday, January 21: Initial design objectives must be emailed to the instructors by 5PM
  • Thursday, January 29: PDR (preliminary design review) – One hardcopy of preliminary User's Manual and PDR presentation materials to be provided at PDR for instructors' use.
  • Wednesday, February 11: First weekly report is due by 5PM, continue every Wednesday until the end of class
  • Thursday, February 19: CDR (Critical Design Review) – One hardcopy of CDR presentation materials to be provided at CDR for instructors' use.
  • Thursday, March 18: Milestone 1
  • Thursday, April 8: Milestone 2
  • Thursday, April 29: Capstone Expo
    • Final Technical Ref. Manual report and User's manual are due at the end of Expo. The final report should include a title page, abstract, purpose of the project, detailed description of the system and its components, together with block and detailed schematic diagrams, software listings, measurement results and conclusions.
    • Peer evaluations are also due at the end of Expo. Please provide a hard copy of your peer evaluations, which should include: an overall letter grade for yourself and for each member of your team, and a short justification for the grade. Any other comments you have about the project or the lab would be welcome. The peer evaluations will be confidential and will be shared only by the instructor and the TA.