ECEN 4573 – Spring Semester 2004 – Thursdays 8:00-11:50 AM
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Capstone Policies
General Policies

Laboratory access will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Key access is required.

Report any problems with equipment immediately. After hours, post a note on the machine and email the instructors.

Professionalism of the design teams in this class is both a concern and a goal. This means reasonable adherence to schedules, courtesy and good citizenship in the laboratory, taking care of equipment, and generally behaving honorably. Non-professional activities include stealing parts, failing to report damaged equipment, sloth and untidiness, and adopting an attitude that the laboratory and its equipment exist for the use and pleasure of one team. I reserve the right to adjust individual grades based solely on my subjective evaluation of each team member's attitude. In cases where such negative attitudes exist, I will discuss the issue and the probable effect on the grade with the student.

In no case will abuse of equipment, other team members, or instructors be tolerated. If such occurs, I will issue an administrative drop for the student involved. The effect of such a drop on the team involved is the responsibility of the team.

Grading Criteria

Grading will be based as follows:

  • PDR 10%
  • CDR 10%
  • Milestone I 10%
  • Milestone II 15%
  • Expo 30%
  • Individual effort 25%

The PDR and CDR grades will be half for the individual, half for the group. The milestone and Expo grades will be for the group. The effort grade will consist of 10% from the other students in your group, 10% from the TA's, and 5% from the instructor. The benchmark and Expo grades will typically be 40% hardware, 40% software, and 20% documentation; the exact ratios will be set by the group in consultation with the instructor.

Before any student's grade is turned in to the Records Office, the student must have reclaimed any of the student's own parts and an accounting made for all of the parts, supplies, and tools checked out to any member of the team during the semester.

Parts Availability

We will supply most of the parts. However, students may need to spend upwards of $60 per student on hand tools, strange parts, Xerox charges, manuals, etc. (Remember, you are not buying a textbook for this class!) Do not assume parts will be available. Failure to obtain parts is NOT an excuse for non-completion of the project.