ECEN 4610/4620 – Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 UNDER CONSTRUCTION







Instructor: Andrew Femrite


Senior Design Lab TAs

Topher Pollard


Dylan Way


Jon Quinn


Matt Arendall

Senior Design Lab is a two-semester ECEN program, where teams of 4-6 students propose, design, document, build, test, and demonstrate a working prototype of an electronic system. The project topic can be related to one or more ECEN areas, including Bioengineering, Communications and Signal Processing, Control Systems, Electromagnetics, Optoelectronics, Power Electronics, Solid State Materials and Devices. If possible, students interested in taking the lab should form teams before the year starts and discuss their project topic ideas with the lab instructors and other faculty in various ECEN areas. The result of each team's effort will be a reliably operating complex electronic system with publication quality technical documentation.

A typical project will consist of digital hardware interfacing with "peripherals" (such as sensors, RF and microwave electronics, optoelectronics, power amplifiers and converters, motors and other actuators), and embedded software.

EEEN and ECEN majors must have successfully completed the required prerequisites of all ECEN core courses (specifically, ECEN 2270, 3360 and all of the prerequisites for those courses) along with at least a co-requisite of an advanced analog core course for the first semester of senior design (ECEN 4610). For the second semester of senior design (ECEN 4620), prerequisites are ECEN 4610 plus two advanced analog core for ECEN majors and three advanced analog core for EEEN majors. Any student not meeting the requirements will not be allowed to register for the courses. It is beneficial if students have also completed ECE electives, 4000-level ECE labs, and 4000-level ECE theory courses related to the selected project topic.

The digital hardware part of the project can be realized using one or a combination of the following options:

  • Processor/DSP development board
  • General-purpose microcontrollers and digital logic devices
  • Digital logic implemented in FPGA
  • PC with standard interface ports in conjunction with a target processor

The final project will be demonstrated to the world at large during the Senior Design Lab Expo at the end of the second semester.