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Altium PCB Designer

Introduction to Altium

Altium Errors

Download a Trial Version of Altium

Altium Design Tutorials

Example schematic process: Media:Altium_Schematic_Tutorial.pdf‎.

Example PCB Design process: Media:Altium_PCB_Layout_Tutorial.pdf.

This data sheet will be referenced:

File:Altium Workshop Basic Capstone.pdf (Courtesy of CU Chapter of HKN, 2009)

Extra Features


Before ordering, you will want to check the following items:

Advanced Circuits Specifications

PCB Design Checklist

Follow the following instructions for the order:

  1. Generate your Gerber and NC Drill Files and pack them into a zip file
    1. Follow the instructions in the second part of the Altium_PCB_Layout_Tutorial.pdf for creating a Gerber/NC Drill files.
  2. Run your design through freeDFM.com for a final error check.
    1. Follow the detailed instructions in the second part of the Altium_Schematic_Tutorial.pdf‎ for using FreeDFM.
    2. If any errors received back, fix them. If not, call advanced circuits to remove the stop on your order and verify incorrect failure from FreeDFM.
  3. Now submit your error design to Advanced Circuits, their ordering site is 4pcb.com or 33each.comwhich is different than their regular site.
  4. Provide a unique part # and Revision number for your project.
    1. For Capstone Students, You must put your team name somewhere in the part #
  5. Select Shipping method. If will call, you must call them to check when its ready on day 4 or 5 to see if it is ready yet.
    1. If you ship it to campus use this address (Don't forget to add in your team name after 425 UCB):
      Engineering Center EE 1B55
      425 UCB - <TEAM NAME>
      Boulder, Colorado 80309
  6. You must get a copy of the invoice for the office, both the confirmation of purchase and the final receipt, otherwise you will not be reimbursed for the board.
  7. In the additional comments put the word Student special as well as any other extra comment you need to convey.
  8. Submit your design!

Board Construction and Testing

Board Construction and Testing

Board Repair

Other PCB Design Software

There are also free tools out there such as Eagle.

Working with FPGAs

Xilinx's FPGA PCB Design Guide

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