Analog IC Design
ECEN 4827/5827 -- Fall 2017
Prof. Hanh-Phuc Le
Class: MWF, 3:00PM - 3:50PM, ECCS 1B14
Office hour: Mon,Wed 5PM-6PM @ ECOT 340

Course News & Announcements

    • 10/05: Make-up office hour for this week is today 5-6 PM.
      • HW5 due is extended to Sunday 11:59PM. The D2L submission will still be closed on Monday 11:59PM, so only 1 day of late submission is allowed.
      • HW6 will be posted tomorrow, Friday.

    • 10/04: There is no in-class lecture today. The information of lecture video is posted in Mediasite Lecture Access on D2L

    • 09/29: HW5 is posted on the Assignment page

    • 09/25: Midterm exam is planned to be organized in class at 5PM-8PM on Friday, Oct. 27.
      • Distance students need to organized a 3-hour block that Friday evening to take the exam.
      • Check your calendar and notify Prof. Le ASAP if you have conflict with this schedule.
      • Beside the in-class problems, this midterm exam will have a take-home problem that can be submitted after 4 days.

    • 09/22: HW4 is posted on the Assignment page

    • 09/15: HW3 is posted on the Assignment page

    • 09/14: Required good practices in HW submission has been posted on D2L.

    • 09/11: Annotated Lecture 3 slides have typo corrections in the last two slides.
      • Make sure you subscribe to all forums and discussions topics in our DL2 Discussion page to follow discussions that could help you do your HW.

    • 09/08: Per students' reasonable request, HW1 due is extended for 2 days to 12PM Sunday, 09/10.

    • 09/05: All students should subscribe to all forums and discussions topics in our DL2 Discussion page .

    • 09/04: Lecture 3 and Lecture 4 slides are updated to reflect in-class sequence.

    • 09/01: HW1 O.7: Link to the Photo Diode Amplifier presentation has been updated to

    • 08/28: Current exam procedure
      • All students, including on-campus students, will submit the exam to D2L when their time window ends.
      • On-campus students will take exam in-class then have sometime afterward to go submit it online.
      • Online students will be given another common time window (likely in a weekend) to take the exam.

    • 08/28: May be of interest to some students:

    • 08/22: First class starts at 3:00 PM on 08/28 in ECCS 1B14.