Some references for computer models of ``Mind'' and ``Brain''

Brains, Minds and Computers -- D. Beeman


   Introduction to the Theory of Neural Computation, John Hertz, Anders
       Krogh and Richard G. Palmer, Addison Wesley (1991). - one of the best

   Fundamentals of Neural Networks:  Architectures, Algorithms, and
       Applications, Laurene V. Fausett, Prentice Hall (1994). - an overview
       of many types of networks, with a short example application for each.

   An Introduction to Neural Networks, James A. Anderson, MIT Press (1995).
       - makes a a more serious attempt to relate artificial and natural
       networks than most books on "neural nets" - has some Pascal examples.

   "Artificial Neural Systems:  Foundations, Paradigms, Applications, and
       Implementations", Patrick K. Simpson, Pergamon Press (1990) - gives
       an overview of 28 paradigms and has good references and bibliography.

   "Neural Computing: Theory and Practice", Phillip D. Wasserman, Van
       Nostrand Reinhold (1989) - good basic book, clear presentation of
       algorithms, discussion of pros and cons of the models it covers

   "Neural Computing, an introduction", R. Beale and T. Jackson, Adam Hilger
       Company (1990) - more introductory than the ones above - very readable

   Neurocomputing, James A. Anderson and Edward Rosenfeld (Editors), MIT
       Press (1987) - a collection of classic papers

   Parallel Distributed Processing, David E. Rumelhart, J. L. McClelland and
       the PDP Research Group, Vols. 1 and 2, MIT Press 1987 ("The PDP book")
       Ch. 2 gives a good introduction, Chs. 8 and 11 treat backpropagation,
       and Ch. 7 treats the Boltzmann machine.

   Explorations in Parallel Distributed Processing, James L. McClelland and
       David E. Rumelhardt, MIT Press (1988) - gives instructions and
       exercises for the PDP neural net simulator (IBM PC disk included)

   An Introduction to neural and electronic networks, edited by Steven F.
       Zornetzer, Joel L. Davis and Clifford Lau, Academic Press (1990).
       A good collection of chapters by different authors, ranging from
       purely biological studies to artificial neural networks.


    Neural Networks, Pergamon Press (Journal of the International Neural
        Network Society)

    Neural computation (MIT Press)
    Network: computation in neural systems (Bristol :  IOP Publishing)

    IEEE transactions on neural networks
    Neural Networks for Computing (1986 Snowbird, UT Conf) AIP Conference
        Proceedings #151, John S. Denker, ed.

    Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks,
        San Diego, June 1987, June 1988 (many mammoth volumes)

    Proceedings of the International Joint International Conference on
        Neural Networks, published twice a year, 1989 - present
        (The yearly June San Diego IEEE conference is now part of the IJCNN,
        which also holds January meetings on the East Coast)

    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (Vols. 1-6), edited by
        David Touretzky, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers (1989 - 1994).
        (proceedings of the NIPS conference held each November in Denver)


    Methods in Neuronal Modeling: From Synapses to Networks, Christoph Koch
       and Idan Segev (Editors), MIT Press (1989)

    The Book of GENESIS: Exploring Realistic Neural Models with the GEneral
       NEural SImulation System, J. M. Bower and D. Beeman, Springer (1994).

    Neural and Brain Modelling, Ronald J. MacGregor, Academic Press (1987)

    An Introduction to neural and electronic networks, Zornetzer, et. al.
        (listed above) has several chapters on biological neural networks

    Computational Neuroscience, edited by Eric L. Schwartz, MIT Press (1990).
        This is another collection of chapters on diverse topics,
        by different authors.

    Single Neuron Computation, edited by Thomas McKenna, Joel Davis, and
        Steven F. Zornetzer, Academic Press (1992).  Fairly advanced, with
        chapters describing specific research simulations.

    The Synaptic Organization of the Brain (3rd Edition), Gordon M. Shepherd
        (Editor), Oxford University Press (1990).  Although not on computer
        modeling, this is the classic text on neural circuitry.

    The NIPS proceedings (edited by D. Touretzky, listed above) have many
        papers on computation in neural systems.


A search of the CU library holdings for "Artificial Intelligence"
shows about 700 titles!  Here are two good introductory books:

    Artificial intelligence, Elaine Rich, McGraw-Hill (1983)

    Artificial intelligence, Patrick Henry Winston (2nd edition)
        Addison-Wesley (1984)

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